A Dalton pub owner has criticised the Government’s decision to ban takeaway alcohol.

Newton Arms landlord Paul Kell believes the current lockdown restrictions are unfair on pubs, highlighting that it is not a “level playing field”.

“I think it's wrong that pubs aren't allowed to sell takeaway alcohol,” Mr Kell said.

“If other pubs are similar to us, they will be left with stock that'll go out of date.

“Yet, supermarkets can sell as much alcohol as they like?

“I don’t think you can have one rule for one and one rule for another.”

It is believed this move from Prime Minister Boris Johnson was taken due to fears that customers buying takeaway alcohol from pubs may congregate with friends nearby to drink.

The Mail: PUB: The Newton Arms in DaltonPUB: The Newton Arms in Dalton

Although Dave Stubbins, chairman of the CAMRA Furness branch, understands the Government’s policy, he believes that takeaway alcohol should still be allowed.

Mr Stubbins said: “It is obviously very sad, we're in a position where we have to look after the health of the nation first.

“I think under certain circumstances and as long as pubs have procedures in place to make sure the alcohol is taken away, then they should be allowed to continue serving takeaway alcohol.”

However, pubs will be allowed to deliver alcohol in addition to food and soft drinks.

Mr Stubbins continued by suggesting that the country’s third national lockdown could be “terminal” for many hospitality businesses if they are not adequately compensated by the Government.

This prompted Lee Roberts, deputy leader of Barrow Borough Council, to urge residents to support businesses.

He said: “Please support as many of our local businesses by using them in the ways they can legitimately operate during the lockdown restrictions.

“It's important to help them survive this difficult period so we can enjoy them properly again once restrictions are eased.”