Eurotunnel has held a round of tests to prepare for a possible no-deal Brexit on October 31.

The tests were held to check that a new “digital border” between France and Britain would work seamlessly and keep traffic flowing in the event of new controls.

An employee of Eurotunnel and his dog check a truck on its way to Britain
A Eurotunnel employee and his dog check a lorry on its way to Britain (Denis Charlet, Pool via AP)

Eurotunnel ran freight trucks between Folkestone in Britain and Coquelles in France to test the new 15 million euro (£13.2 million) infrastructure that features barcodes for customs declarations.

Eurotunnel spokeswoman Anne Laure Descleves warned that transport companies must declare freight in advance to make the journey, warning that “teething problems” could exist at the start.