A BRAVE Millom teenager is facing an uncertain future after an ordinary night out took a dramatic turn for the worse.

Jodie Goddard-Sharp, of Newton Street, has been left without the use of her legs after her drink was spiked at Millom Workies, where her father also works, on Sunday.

The 18-year-old was enjoying a normal night out with her boyfriend and friends when she discovered her drink had been taken and she was given a different drink by her friend.

She said: "From then on, all I can remember is being on the dance floor and the music just going round and round my head.

"I went outside but I can't remember how I got back inside.

"Two people took me into the bathroom and said my eyes were rolling back and I couldn't sit up.

"I can't remember anything until I woke up the next morning."

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It wasn't until the following day that the full extent of Miss Goddard-Sharp's condition was discovered when she tried to get out of bed but collapsed on the floor.

Realising she had no feeling in the bottom half of her legs, the teenager was terrified but was determined not to give up hope.

She said: "I thought I was paralysed. "When I tried to stand my legs just couldn't hold me."

After stumbling around the house on a pair of crutches for almost two days, Miss Goddard-Sharp finally went to the doctors who referred her to Furness General Hospital, where doctors discovered a significant amount of ketamine in her blood.

Despite a number of thorough examinations, doctors were unable to pinpoint the problem or say when the feeling would return, so Miss Goddard-Sharp decided to discharge herself from hospital.

She said: "The doctors kept telling me I needed to lie down but I thought I needed to be able to use my legs.

"If I can't use my legs how would I be able to learn to walk again?"

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Determined to stay positive, Miss Goddard-Sharp is trying to get the feeling back in her legs by being as active as possible but will return to the doctor if the feeling doesn't return over the next few days.

She said: "I'm really scared it's just going to stay like this but if the feeling doesn’t come back, it doesn’t come back.”

If anyone has any information they should contact Cumbria Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.