A CUMBRIAN MP will narrowly retain her home village should the latest round of boundary changes take place.

Copeland MP Trudy Harrison will keep Bootle but lose Millom as the Barrow and Furness constituency stretches further into the west of the county.

The last round of proposals would have seen the Barrow and Furness border reach beyond Bootle and as far as Ravenglass.

Mrs Harrison said: "It is important for any MP to be local and to have strong connections to their constituency.

"I will watch any developments with interest as the boundary proposals make their way through parliament."

The boundary changes aim to ensure all constituencies share a similar number of voters as the number of MPs falls from 650 to 600, with Cumbria's number expected to fall.

Barrow and Furness MP John Woodcock said: "Fundamentally, these changes would still rob Cumbria of vital representation by reducing the number of Cumbrian MPs in parliament from 6 to 5.

"At a time when we need more voices than ever to speak up for our county, I think this is the wrong thing to do and I am clear that I oppose these changes."

The new plans will see the current seats of Workington and Copeland scrapped for a new West Cumbria constituency.

The Boundary Commission's latest round of proposals were announced today ahead of the third and final consultation.

Under the new proposals, experts claim Theresa May would have won a Conservative majority in June's snap general election.