RECORDS have continued to tumble as power boats take to the water as part of an annual racing competition in the heart of the Lake District.

Competitors and officials from across the globe have descended on Coniston for the 46th Power Boat Records Week which kicked off on Monday.

Alison Whalley, chairman of Coniston Records Week, said: "We're really looking forward to the rest of the week. The weather is great and we had a record-breaking first day.

"We broke five world and 10 national records and we have seen a good number of local competitors wanting to take part.

"This week really helps to bring a significant amount of people into the area in what is usually a quiet time for Cumbria and that in turn really helps to boost the local economy.

"Coniston is seen as the spiritual home of record-breaking so everyone wants to come and run on Coniston."

After a foggy start to the competition on Monday, 14-year-old Latvian speedster Endija Zaumane, one of the youngest competitors to take part in Records Week, broke the first world record with a speed of 49.78mph in the junior JT250 class.

However, young Brits also tasted success with 16-year-old Ben Jelt from Kent achieving a new national water speed record of 77.54mph in the Formula 4 Class.

This year's event also saw a first for Coniston with an amphibious vehicle capable of highway speeds on land and speeds topping 30mph on water, taking to the lake.

The Gibbs Amphibians-built 4wd Humdinga, set a new British record by reaching a top speed of 39.08mph on the water.

With lots of races happening throughout the week, Ms Whalley hopes that more Cumbrians will come to experience the high-octane thrills of powerboat racing.

She said: "It's something that we are very proud of and we are amazed at what we have achieved over the years.

"It is only five days in the calendar year but during that time the UK holds more records out on the water than any other country so it is really about British endeavour and British pride - but we welcome competitors from across the world.

"However, at the same time, this week is also about Cumbria. Everyone loves Cumbria and particularly the Lake District.

"It's a great spectacle and if you are interested in seeing people achieve the very best and seeing something beyond your wildest expectations then it is definitely worth coming down and experiencing it."

Entry to the record-breaking spectacle is free, although with the weather turning chillier it is recommended that you wrap up warm so you can sit on the shoreline and get the best view of the racing action.

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