OFFICIALS within a town have registered their displeasure at the impending closure of their library building - a decision that has already left residents in uproar.

Cumbria County Council announced that the Dalton Library building, in Nelson Street, is set to close, with library services set to move to the nearby Dalton Community Centre as part of a self-service system.

The decision is the latest in a number of closures in recent years, including the Dalton Fire Station back in 2014, with some residents feeling that the town is being stripped of important facilities.

Dalton Town Councillor Wendy Maddox, says that the move has left her upset, but that cuts to the county council budget may be a key factor in the decision.

She said: "I was upset that it is closing and it is about losing another building in the town.

"I don't think there is a lot that we can do about it with the circumstances and the money that has been cut back from the county.

"I don't like to think what it will be like for future generations in the town."

Another councillor for Dalton, Councillor Daniel Greaves, said: "I hate seeing any assets being lost in Dalton. However, it's a painful fact that the borough and county councils are having their budgets slashed year on year."

CCC have said that they are keen to hear from local residents as to how they think their new library service can be a success, along with the introduction of longer opening hours and no staff reductions.

A CCC spokesperson said: "To make sure the 'new' library is a success, the local community is being asked to put forward ideas and suggestions on how it should work, to help maximise its potential."