DALTON library is set to reopen on Tuesday in a new premises after a controversial decision was made to close the former building which had housed it for more than one hundred years.

Residents were furious in June after Cumbria County Council decided to close the Nelson Street Library and relocate it to the community centre in the same road.

Hundreds of books were transferred to the new premises over the course of last week with the old library building set to be sold.

Dalton councillor Wendy Maddox was disappointed at the council's decision and lamented the loss of buildings that the town has seen over the years.

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Residents voice concerns as Dalton library is set to close

She said: "I have never been happy about it. I think it's a shame to lose the building because I don't think it was ever used to its full potential and unfortunately money restraints mean that we can't keep it going.

"It's a big old building and I believe some of it is in disrepair but it's been a library ever since it was built.

"We have lost of a bit of history. We have lost a bank, a police station, a fire station and now a library. I know money is tight but we are never going to get those buildings back."

No members of staff have lost their jobs following the library's relocation but a self-service machine means that there will only be one worker manning the library once a week.

The rest of the time, staff will be drafted in from Barrow library depending on what projects are taking place in Barrow borough over the course of the week.

Mrs Maddox, who thinks that the building will be turned into a block of flats, believes that elderly people will feel more isolated if they won't be able to use the library as a place for social interaction.

She added: "Everyone is on the phones nowadays - there's no talking with each other. For older people who don't see anybody during the day they won't be able to see anybody in this new library if it is self service which is a real shame."

As part of the move, the library will now be open Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm resulting in an extra 20.5 hours of opening times. There will also be free wi-fi and laptops provided to people who wish to use the new facilities.

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Dalton Library: A history

Despite the controversy surrounding the move, Cumbria County Council have defended the closure of the 113-year-old building.

A spokesperson for the council said: "Locating the library in the community centre will bring the library closer to other community activities taking place in the centre.

"This is intended to raise the profile of the library to those who don’t currently use it, as well as promote the other community groups and activities taking place on site."