THE first part of a Barrow store’s initiative to take on more community projects has been completed.

Staff from Tesco Metro in Flass Lane in Barrow decided enough was enough and decided to clean up the littered lane behind them.

Their litter pick took place yesterday at 10am and the team managed to collect 12 bin bags of rubbish.

Community champion Fiona Hoyle arranged the event. She said: “The lane behind us is called Red River Walk and it was absolutely full of litter.

“We have had a few customers complain to us about how bad it was and, as a company, we are starting a new initiative which sees staff take on community projects.

“I thought cleaning up that lane would be the perfect way to start it for us.”

Staff were surprised to find such a large amount of plastic bottles and plastic carrier bags discarded down the lane considering there were bins located at both ends.

Mrs Hoyle said: “All this litter is from people dumping it as they walk down the lane which doesn’t make sense because there are bins available.

“While we were doing the litter pick a few of our customers walked past and commented on how pleased they were with what we were doing.

“We intend to keep on top of it so it doesn’t get in that state again.

“People need to just keep the rubbish on them and then just put it in a bin when they pass one, instead of just throwing it on the ground.”

Tesco Metro is planning on organising more community events this year.

Mrs Hoyle said: “All the staff were really good at getting involved and hopefully together we can keep the community clean and, as the store manager says, ‘every little helps’.”

Tesco Metro is urging members of the public to contact them with their community ideas.

To do so either ring the store on 01229 498707 and ask for Mrs Hoyle or go into the store in Flass Lane to have a chat with her.