IS this Barrow man having us on? He claims he unwittingly captured a picture of a UFO but others disagree. 

Derek Gawne was in Newby Bridge yesterday afternoon after visiting The Swan for lunch with his wife Waree. The couple went for a walk after their lunch to look at the high water levels and took a number of photographs of themselves by the river. 

However Mr Gawne says, it was only when they looked at the pictures later, did they spot something unusual in the sky. 

Mr Gawne, of Newport Street, Barrow, swears the pictures are not a hoax when he brought them into the Evening Mail. 

He said: "We didn't even notice anything when we were taking the photos but when we looked, we saw this bizarre thing in the sky. No one believes us but they're genuine. My wife's family wondered if it was something on our phone but we took pictures on two different phones and it's on both."

What do you think is in the clouds on Derek's pictures? 

Is it a UFO, inspired by the craft in Independence Day? Or is there a less sinister explanation?

Lenticular clouds have often been confused for UFOs due to the their smooth, round or oval lens-shaped structure. Mr Gawne said he had been told this could explain the unusual sighting. 

However, others have pointed out the image looks remarkably similar to ones which can be created using smartphone app Camera 360.