A CUMBRIAN MP has criticised a suggestion to scrap nuclear submarines in favour of cheaper airborne alternatives.

Reports claim that the Labour party is considering backing a plan to replace Trident submarines with nuclear-armed planes.

The proposal, which was originally drafted for a Liberal Democrat think-tank, is reportedly being considered by shadow defence secretary, Emily Thornberry, as part of Labour's defence policy review.

The plan would see the Barrow-built submarines scrapped and replaced with a new system that would see nuclear weapons dropped from the air by specially-adapted fighter planes.

Although it would not provide a round-the-clock service, it has been suggested that this new scheme would reduce costs but also save more jobs nationally rather than scrapping the deterrent altogether.

Barrow and Furness MP John Woodcock However, Barrow and Furness MP John Woodcock has slammed the suggestion on social media.

Taking to Twitter he said: "A Labour government led the way ridding the UK of tactical nuclear weapons but now we want them again? Oh please."

He added: "Building these new warheads would cost more than new submarines for the weapon we were trying to convince others to scrap.

"We've been trying to convince world to scrap so-called 'tactical' nuclear weapons because they are more likely to be used on the battlefield."