FIVE crews tackled a large grass fire in Barrow which covered an area roughly the same size as a football pitch.

Firefighters were called to the reed bed of Cavendish Dock at approximately 5.40pm yesterday and used hose reel jets to put out the flames. The area of the fire was approximately 150 by 50 metres.

Reports from witnesses at the scene suggest the blaze may have been started deliberately by a youth.

A spokesman for Cumbria Fire and Rescue said: "It was a large grass fire – initially it was out of control. 

"There was a large flame front driven by the wind.

"Because the flames had separated into two areas the incident was sectioned with a left flank and a right flank.

"Reports from youths at the scene said it was lit by another youth."

The crews from Barrow, Walney, Grange and Broughton attended along with both crews from Ulverston.

The call-out lasted roughly two hours and 15 minutes.