A TEACHER has delved into the archives to create a nostalgic video which celebrates the history of an iconic Victorian building in Barrow.

Gary Cunliffe, 59, has produced an eleven-minute video which showcases the history of Barrow Town Hall.

Mr Cunliffe, who has already made a film to expose the history of Furness Abbey, climbed to the summit of the town hall's clock tower to shoot panoramic views of the Barrow landscape which he contrasted with archive photos of the town from more than a century ago.

He also collected footage from inside the town hall of the beautiful stained glass windows.

He said: "I have got a keen interest in history and heritage as a school teacher but as I have got older I have had more time to produce videos.

"This particular piece tells a story and encompasses one of the key building's of the town's history. The town hall does not change throughout but Barrow itself does and everything is built around this iconic building.

"Everybody I have shown the video think it's great. Everyone loves remembering how the town used to be and it brings back so many happy memories for a lot of people."

Mr Cunliffe was born in Barrow and went to Barrow Boys Grammar School in Park Drive as a youngster.

He now lives in Preston after relocating to Lancashire to pursue a career as a teacher, however he often returns to his roots to visit his mother.

He thinks that although the video will intrigue the older generations who can reminisce about yesteryear, children should also sit down to learn about a landmark that has become synonymous with Barrow - and which celebrates its 130th birthday next year.

"It obviously taps into the nostalgia of older folk but there is no reason why the youngsters can't look back at a building that has gone down in the town's history.

"It's important to learn about your history and as a teacher, my instinct is to share good things with people and I believe this iconic, sandstone piece of infrastructure is something worth commemorating.

"After quite a few hours in my office piecing it all together I am very pleased with the end result. I would encourage anyone with a spare ten minutes to sit down with a brew and take in the history.

"Once you start watching and mixing the old with the new you will become fascinated by the journey that the town hall has taken."

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