I WRITE to correct the misrepresentations by the Evening Mail "Owner of killer dog must own up" (Our View), 6 August.

I am the person who was walking the dog belonging to the owner which savaged poor Mrs Daniels's little dog, an awful tragic incident. Both the elderly owner and I deeply regret that unfortunate incident.

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Far from the Evening Mail's suggestion that the "Owner of killer dog must own up", both the owner and myself spoke with police immediately following this terrible accident.

I can assure you that the 70-year-old lady whose dog I was walking as she is too infirm to do so herself, feels absolutely devastated for Mrs Daniels, as do I. It was a truly terrible thing which happened. We are both extremely sorry for Mrs Daniels; we both love dogs.

The owner's dog had been rescued from the local pound three years ago, and showed no history at all of any savage instinct in that time. None at all (a fact later confirmed by the police officer monitoring the dog after it had been seized, who reported the dog as placid).

The owner does not therefore deserve to be called an "irresponsible idiot", as you suggested. However, the awful incident in question clearly was a savage attack.

Therefore, due to the awful impact of this incident on Mrs Daniels, the owner has now ordered her dog to be destroyed, despite her having received no legal order to do so.

I hope these facts help to clarify the position.

David McKenzie

Broad Close


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THE owner of the dog which attacked and killed an 11-week-old puppy must be found and made to feel the force of the law.

It is wholly unacceptable, in built-up areas and public places to allow a dog to roam free. It is against the law - but is a sight which is worryingly common in our town centres and neighbourhoods.

And as we reveal today, the consequences can be both shocking and upsetting. The ordeal suffered by Debbie Daniels should never have happened.

The owner of the offending dog is wholly to blame for the attack and subsequent death of Millie the cavapoo. What makes the whole incident even more galling is that it happened in the garden of Mrs Daniels - where both she and her pet should have been safe.

Bull terrier-type dogs have a reputation for being savages - and it is down in no small part to the irresponsible idiots who quite often own them. Of course there are many bull terrier owners who treat their pets in the right way and raise them to be gentle, loyal and loving animals.

But in the wrong hands, they can become violent and aggressive; unpredictable and dangerous. The case in point is a perfect example of this, and that's why the offending dog and its owner must be tracked down - because next time, it could be a child on the other end of a savaging.