THE booming economy of Barrow has been hailed as a beam of light in a country around which storm clouds are gathering.

As the skyline of the town changes with work now well under way on a new Central Yard facility at BAE Systems, offshoots of investment – from the government's go-ahead to replace the Trident nuclear submarines fleet – can be seen.

Construction on new housing estates off Abbey Road and Thorncliffe Road is in the advanced stages and a multi-million pound revamp of Barrow Island starts next month.

Plans have also recently been unveiled for a Holiday Inn Express in Barrow town centre and a new apartment block off Abbey Road.

All this at a time when there remains some doubt over the future of the economy as the question of triggering Article 50 post-referendum remains unanswered.

Barrow MP John Woodcock has represented the town in Parliament since 2010 – and forecasts a very bright future for Barrow.

He said: "The challenge of leaving the European Union may make the UK economy less stable and predictable for the next few years, but here in Barrow we can look forward to a bit more certainty.

"Big local employers have committed to the area, easing concerns that about jobs and prosperity in Cumbria.

"There is no more potent symbol of the strong foundation of our local economy than the physical expansion of the shipyard in Barrow in preparation for the Successor project.

"The vote in parliament earlier this year means we are now past the point of no return and it was fantastic to see my own party committing to the scheme once again at our party conference in Liverpool.

"Successor will bring thousands of high skilled, well played jobs to Furness in the decades to come but it is up to all of us to make the most of the massive boost to our economy.

"I am determined that local children, who are our future after all, are given the best possible chance to share in the opportunity created by the renewed investment in Furness.

"We also need to use this increased investment to attempt to undo some of the damage done by years of underinvestment in our community. From public services to housing and infrastructure, regeneration is the key and we need to press ahead with ambitious projects.

"For all the storm clouds gathering around our island, Barrow is a rare beam of light. We are going to carry on what we do best, defending the nation and providing jobs for our people.

"In an age of change and disruption we are blessed that out heritage is also our future and that the identity of the town as a linchpin of a naval defence will be maintained for future generations."