FIREFIGHTERS remain at the scene of a huge fire which broke out at an iconic building in Barrow overnight - VIDEO BELOW.

The devastation caused by the massive blaze is clear to see today as parts of the House of Lords in Abbey Road continue to smoulder.

Although the fire has now been extinguished, parts are still smoking and firefighters continue to use water and foam to dampen down the building.

The rear wall of the building is currently being removed brick by brick by Dalton-based demolition contractors Hindle.

Station manager Roger Exley said Abbey Road would remain closed for most of the day. The building itself is not in any immediate danger of collapse although it is understood it will have to be demolished before the road can reopen.

At its peak, the fire was tackled by around 60 firefighters, with crews from Barrow, Walney, Millom, Ulverston, Grange, Windermere, Bootle, Arnside and even Lancaster involved. Barrow and Walney remain at the scene this morning.

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Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service's welfare unit, as well as an incident command centre, was set up at the scene. Two fire bosses from Barrow, and two from Kendal, also attended.

Emergency services were called at around 9pm last night. Huge crowds of bystanders watched as the fire ravaged the building, with smoke spreading across Barrow.

Miraculously, no one has been injured although one Barrow firefighter did receive a minor foot injury when some bricks collapsed on him. He is understood to have continued working despite the injury.

Bus services in and around Barrow have been affected, with no vehicles able to get into Abbey Road from Hindpool Road or Dalkeith Street. Motorists have been urged to stay away from the scene.

Residents have been evacuated from Hawke Street, at the rear of the site of the fire. A welfare centre was set up at The Forum for anyone who had to leave their homes.

Amazingly, Bar Conti remains intact although the far right downstairs room has suffered some smoke and fire damage.

Volunteers at St Mark's Church in Buccleuch Street in Barrow are handing out toiletries and other supplies to anyone who has been temporarily displaced.

Paul Hancock, chief fire officer, said: "This was a large and complex fire that required a significant and sustained response from our firefighters, and support of colleagues from Lancashire.

"Thankfully it appears no one has been hurt in the blaze and we will now begin the fire investigation work to determine the cause of the fire.

"Crews worked tirelessly throughout the night to bring the fire under control in difficult and demanding conditions.

"This was an excellent firefighting response supported by many other agencies and county council staff, and the swift and effective action of the firefighters on the ground contained a situation that could have been much worse."