A BARROW producer and big American football fan has had his music used in coverage for the upcoming Super Bowl in what he describes as his dream job.

Dave Anson, of Glenridding Drive, Barrow, is delighted that recordings he made in his studio have been used in adverts for the climax to the NFL season.

The 23-year-old works for various TV stations and music agencies to write and produce compositions for every genre imaginable, from Latin-flavoured sound effects for NBC's coverage of the Rio Olympic Games to tense music for cooking competitions.

Mr Anson managed to secure the prestigious NFL gig after a former tutor asked him to write an album for "intense sports". It was passed over to Mibe Music, a global music production agency, and has been picked by broadcasters like CBS for their American football coverage.

He still records the vast majority of his music in Barrow.

Mr Anson said: "It's completely surreal because these shows I enjoy watching.

"I'm a big American football fan so it was a big honour.

"I even forget it is my own music sometimes when it comes on.

"One of my favourite things about it is nobody knows the music exists but if you take it out the whole film falls apart and is awful."

Dave studied music production at Leeds College of Music, and his scores quickly began making waves in the indie film scene.

One of his first albums was featured as the soundtrack of the 2014 US movie, Now Hiring , which tells the tale of an out of work husband accidentally landing a job as a superhero.

The former Chetwynde pupil plays the piano, drums and guitar, and usually gains commissions by companies approaching him to record samples to play over specific footage, or by broadcasters discovering his work through various agencies and archives, fixing it to their scenes like a jigsaw.

Last year, Dave created audio clips for the Rio Summer Olympic Games, using lots of percussion instruments and whistles to create a truly Brazilian flavour.

The tunes were featured in NBC's Olympic coverage in packages celebrating athletic achievements.

Closer to home, Dave has has his music used on The One Show and MasterChef .

Speaking about how he goes about making the right music to fit his brief, Dave said: "In some ways it's primal.

"You are creating certain music to match certain feelings and emotions.

"It's about experimenting which bit of music invokes which emotion.

"It's a partnership between the two."

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