A PROLIFIC fundraiser from Barrow is set to enter the record books with an auction of a rare bottle of Marsh's Sass.

Dan Hayes from Barrow has already raised thousands of pounds for the Motor Neurone Disease Association, following the death of his close friend Gordon Cooney.

After an incredibly successful charity event on Saturday night at Hawcoat Park, which has raised in excess of £5,000, Mr Hayes is now auctioning off a rare bottle of Marsh's Sass, with bidding set to close at 2.15pm today.

The bottle is unopened and has a sell-by date of December. The highest bid so far is up to a whopping £300.

Marsh’s Sass was first brewed and bottled in Barrow in 1898 and was produced to the end of the 1960s by Len Marsh to a secret recipe.

The firm then passed to the Brady family and Sass making continued at the Duke Street bottling plant until new owners Mitchell’s, of Lancaster, pulled the plug. The Marsh’s version of Sass hasn’t been available for more than 15 years.

Previous record prices paid for a bottle of Sass include one for £47.50.

Anyone who would like to bid on the bottle can find Dan Hayes on Facebook and send him a message.