DEMOLITION and clearance work has kicked off at the site of what will be Barrow's long-awaited Marina Village and Waterfront Project.

Heavy duty diggers and land remediation experts have moved into the site off Salthouse Road, which is set to be the home of the £200m regeneration project.

The ambitious scheme, which it is hoped will include 700 homes, a cruise ship terminal, nature reserve and a multi-purpose sports village, was first put forward back in 2007 but progress stalled.

However, thanks in part to an £8m cash pledge from the Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership, the site is now being cleared and decontaminated to ensure it is ready for businesses who wish to construct new premises in the town - bringing extra employment to Barrow.

In February, work started at a new junction in Salthouse Road, between Rawlinson Street and Ruskin Terrace, with the entrance to the marina being located opposite.

A bordering landscaped area will surround the junction, with new Fastigate Oak and Swedish Whitebeam trees and wildflowers.

A new bus stop will sit within the landscaping and a zebra crossing will be added to Salthouse Road.

Council bosses hope the work will act as a stimulus for private sector development on the site.