VISITORS from the Netherlands have been ridiculed for their lack of road sense when they were spotted blocking off a road with a traffic cone while they set up camp and had a barbeque.

The motorhome was parked sideways at the end of the road on Roa Island, close to the entrance to the RNLI Lifeboat station.

Paul Kell from Barrow posted the picture on Facebook with the caption: "Roa Island's new pub now open, having a barbeque to celebrate opening."

The picture attracted critical comments, with Mr Kell adding: "Let's just park sideways, put a cone out,c rack open a few tinnies, get the seats and tables out and have a barbeque while blocking the entrance to the lifeboat station and ferry."

It is not known exactly when the motorhome was pictured at the site, or how long it was parked up for.

Wilful obstruction of the highway and unneccessarily blocking a road are offences punishable by way of a fixed penalty.

However, fixed penalties issued to foreign drivers are often 'written off'.

If a penalty charge notice is issued and not paid, local authorities can chase payment by contacting the registered owner using information from the government's DVLA, which holds details of vehicles registered in England, Wales and Scotland.

Fines against foreign motorists are written off by most of the authorities involved if they are not paid within 28 or 29 days and if registration details are not available from the DVLA.

The Department for Transport has previously said: "Foreign drivers are subject to the same rules of the road as everyone else and it is vital that they are punished for driving dangerously.

"The police are already able to take on-the-spot fines from foreign drivers who break the rules and can immobilise their vehicles."

FOLLOWING on from the odd tale of the tourists who blocked a road with a traffic cone before lighting a barbie, more pictures have emerged of other foreign visitors.

Keith Myers sent in the pictures, which he claims are just two of the 30-plus foreign vehicles spotted at Roa Island yesterday.

Mr Myers said the invasion "sparked mayhem" with many cars parked inconsiderately.

The visitors are understood to have travelled to Piel Island via the ferry.

"This is just one of the 30+ foreign cars that invaded Roa yesterday causing mayhem, leaving rubbish and refusing to park in the free visitors car park," Mr Myers said.

"Cow horns strapped to this one. How pedestrian friendly? They ended up on Piel."

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