DISAPPOINTINGLY, just a matter of weeks after binmen cleared a fly-tipping hotspot, litter is once more beginning to pile up.

The state of the gated section of back alley behind Ramsden Street was highlighted by The Mail earlier this month.

Barrow's binmen invited The Mail out on their rounds in the town centre to illustrate the level of fly-tipping in the days leading up to wheelie bin collection day.

Readers and residents alike were left horrified at our video which showed piles of dirty nappies, mouldy food waste and litter which could easily have been recycled spread across the backstreet behind a small row in Ramsden Street.

FCC Environment, which carries out household waste collections and street cleansing in Barrow, arranged for a cage truck to visit the alley and it was left absolutely spotless.

A week later, just before bins are due to be emptied again, it appeared the message was starting to sink in that everyone – residents, the council and FCC - has to play their part in keeping Barrow clean.

However, pictures sent in by a resident today show that the rubbish is once more starting to pile up.

Barrow Borough Council has been taking enforcement action against those believed to be responsible for some of the worst fly-tipping grotspots.

Nic Christofides, from the Streetcare team, said all properties backing onto the section of gated alley behind Ramsden Street had been sent letters reminding them of what they can and can't do with their household waste.

More significantly, it is understood that crucial evidence which was retrieved has resulted in one resident being issued with a notice which could result in them paying a fine of hundreds of pounds.

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