THE Ministry of Defence has named the man who will be responsible for leading a large-scale programme to replace the country’s Trident submarines.

Defence secretary, Michael Fallon, today (31) announced that Ian Booth has been confirmed as chief executive of the new Submarine Delivery Authority (SDA). He was formerly head of the Aircraft Carrier Alliance (ACA), the state-industry body charged with constructing the new Queen Elizabeth-class warships.

A statement on the MOD website said: “Booth brings a wealth of public and private sector experience to a key programme for the UK’s defence and security.”

Booth has been appointed into what the MOD described as a “critical role”, reflecting “his proven track record in delivering complex defence programmes”. He will now turn his proven skills to the task of replacing the UK’s four Vanguard Class submarines with the new Dreadnought Class – a £31 billion project equivalent in scale to Crossrail – which will provide the UK with its continuous at sea nuclear deterrent for the next 30 years.

A key commitment of the 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review, the SDA was created in April 2017 to focus on building and supporting the UK’s nuclear submarines. Mr Booth will also oversee the delivery of the remainder of the powerful Astute Class attack submarines and lead day-to-day support of the existing fleet of Trafalgar, Astute and Vanguard Class submarines.