A MAN accused by Eleanor Williams of trafficking her told a court the suggestion he sold girls for sex was 'disgusting'.

The 21-year-old defendant accused Barrow man Mohammed Ramzan of trafficking her to 'parties' and trying to sell her at a brothel in Amsterdam.

Prosecutors allege Williams made up claims of being sexually exploited and falsified evidence.

The court heard Mr Ramzan was arrested by police in July 2019 following claims made by the defendant.

Mr Ramzan told the court he had run various businesses in the town having moved to Barrow in 2011, including a restaurant, a takeaway and an ice cream van business.

He described his reaction to being arrested by police who stopped him while he was driving his car on Walney Promenade.

Tearing up at times while giving his evidence, he told the court: "As they cuffed me they said I had been arrested for human trafficking.

"I just laughed. I thought 'this is ice cream wars'.

"I said 'this is ridiculous, this is absolutely insane'.

Mr Ramzan told the court he was kept at Kendal Police Station for 40 hours and questioned, later being released under curfew.

Asked by prosecutor Jonathan Sandiford KC whether he had ever been involved in offences of child sexual exploitation or human trafficking, Mr Ramzan replied: "No."

Mr Ramzan, who told the court he was commonly known as Mo Rammy, denied that he knew Williams, telling the court she had met her once because his wife was 'very good friends' with her aunt.

The court was told between November 18 and 20 2018, the time when Williams alleges he tried to sell her for sex in Amsterdam, Ramzan's bank account was used to purchase items at B&Q and Asda in Barrow.

In cross-examination, Louise Blackwell KC, defending, asked Mr Ramzan whether anyone else would use that bank card.

He said his partner and his children had used it at times in the past.

Asked if he would leave behind the debit card to travel to Amsterdam, he said: "I wouldn't. That's my bank card. If I go anywhere that bank card comes with me."

Miss Blackwell asked him why, in a police interview, he answered 'no comment' when asked if there was anything other than his ice cream business supplementing his income.

He told the court the question was 'not relevant and  'personal'.

Asked if he had ever sold drugs, he said: "I've never, ever sold drugs in my life."

Asked if anyone ever had on his behalf, he told Miss Blackwell to 'behave'.

Asked if had made money from trafficking girls for sex, he replied: "I've never ever in my life.

"I've got a daughter, I've got nieces. That's disgusting."

Williams denies seven charges of perverting the course of justice.

The trial continues.