A MULTI-AGENCY rescue team was dispatched as Furness Coastguard received their third call-out of the day after red flares were spotted in Walney Channel.

Several flare sightings were reported, including by HM Coastguard Fleetwood, whose compass bearing identified the area between Jubilee Bridge and Piel Island.

Despite scouring the area, Furness Coastguard found nothing, and requested the support of Barrow Lifeboat, whose ALD and ILB crafts were dispatched, along with Coastguard Rescue Helicopter 936.

The Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre at Holyhead put out a 'Pan Pan' message on the international distress frequency channel 16 alerting all vessels in the area that there was an incident where multiple red flares had been seen and a person or vessel was in distress.

After a lengthy search by all involved, there was no sign of any persons or vessels in danger.

Furness Coastguard posted:

"We would like to remind people if they do have flares that they only let them off in the event of an emergency.

"If in danger around the coast, or one of the 4 main navigable lakes, Windermere, Coniston, Ullswater, or Derwentwater call 999 and ask for the Coastguard."

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