COUNCIL bosses have said they did not work to block proposals for the Lake District to expand its borders after a proposal would have included local communities within the national park boundaries.

Mayor Bob Kelly has clarified the position of Millom Town Council to proposals to expand the national park's boundaries to some areas currently under Millom administration.

He has said while the council was approached - as were other councils - by Friends of the Lake District regarding possible expansion of the national park boundaries, it was determined that Millom and Haverigg were not able to join.

Millom was immediately discounted due to its 'industrial heritage', while a survey of Haverigg was allowed to go ahead before it was also deemed to have not met the criteria.

Mayor Kelly said: "The proposal to extend the LDPNA was raised with all the local parish and town councils.

"Millom Town Council and others were then presented within the policy of the expansion which was that any areas deemed to be comparable with the existing National Park area could be considered for inclusion.

"It was immediately determined that the industrial heritage of Millom excluded it from this possibility.

"Haverigg, on the other hand, remained under consideration. Friends of the National Park undertook surveys and concluded that Haverigg did not meet the criteria."

He said that the public were informed at all stages through public meetings but the council did not oppose the investigations taking place.

He put it on record that the public would have been consulted before any final decision was made on the expansion.

"There were several public meetings to inform local people of the plans and possibilities but at no point were Millom Town Council opposed to letting the investigations take place.

"Had either Millom or Haverigg proven suitable for possible inclusion, it would then have been put to the local communities for their decision on whether to support the expansion to their areas."