A 'KIND and thoughtful' woman was found dead in a supported living complex just hours after paramedics gave her the all-clear.

Linda Driscoll had been a resident at Abbey Park supported accommodation in Barrow for people with mental health conditions when she was found dead by staff, an inquest heard.

The hearing at Cockermouth Coroner's Court was told the 57-year-old died on April 6 last year.

Coroner Dr Nicholas Shaw said it was 'strange' that she had died not long after she had been passed fit by paramedics called to the complex in Abbey Road.

Staff called emergency services because Ms Driscoll had been acting strangely and seemed unsteady on her feet, team manager Scott Heddles said.

"The day prior to his death there was nothing out of the ordinary," he said.

But Mr Heddles said when she came down from her room the next morning 'incoherent' staff raised concerns, fearing she may have overdosed on her medication.

The hearing was told paramedics were called just before 2pm and she denied taking an overdose. Medics felt she did not need urgent medical care.

The inquest was told workers had been checking up on her every 15 minutes the day she died.

They found her in her room later that day and attempted to use CPR before paramedics attended and declared her dead.

A post-mortem examination found she had died from lung condition chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

The court heard she had experienced mental health issues since the age of nine and lived with schizoaffective disorder. 

She had moved from Kendal to the complex in Barrow in 2017 and struggled with her new surroundings.

Dr Nicholas Shaw concluded she died from natural causes.

In a statement read in the inquest, Mary Driscoll said her sister, a mother of one, had a long-standing struggle with her mental health but loved listening to music and going to pub with friends when she was well.

"She was kind and thoughtful and sociable and had a good sense of humour," she said.