THE CONSTRUCTION of a new dwelling for agricultural workers at Marton is to be approved.

The owners of Maidenlands Farm applied to Barrow Borough Council to build a second rural workers' dwelling in the form of a 'modest, simple style bungalow, with a linear form broken by the front porch'.

The need for the second house arises from the occupants of the existing dwelling retiring from the running of the business, which has 'numerous agricultural barns, a chicken barn and also a cattery forming a farm diversification enterprise'.

A report produced ahead of Monday's planning committee recommends it for approval. It says: "It is intended that younger family members will take over and provide the essential care for the farm associated with the need for the dwelling.

"The submission has demonstrated once more there is an essential need to locate a second dwelling within the existing farm. 

"Whilst located outside of the village of Marton in open countryside, an area where dwellings are normally resisted, a policy exception applies in order to meet the needs of the farm and welfare of the animals."