RESIDENTIAL units and pop-up pods for street food are among the potential directions identified for an historic Barrow building.

A new feasibility report has listed a number of 'opportunities' for the Grade II-listed House of Lords building in Abbey Road. 

The privately owned property was gutted by fire in 2017.

The feasibility report was commissioned by Barrow Borough Council last year, using funding from the £1.1 million High Street Heritage Action Zone grant awarded by English Heritage in 2019.

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Residents have been reacting to some of the suggestions for the historic building which include spaces for pop-up street food stalls.

Susan Woods said: "Get rid, an eyesore to the Town and turn the area into a memorial garden."

Edna Hazel Moffett said: "Get rid of it."

Nicola Ann Johnson said: "There's nothing left of the building so really it shouldn't be a grade ll listed building as there is nothing to save, to save money rip it down as its dangerous to the public and an eye sore."

Frank Kendall said: "Why not make it into one of those places dog walkers can take their dogs to use as a toilet? Is this a good idea on par with pop-up pods?"

Charlie Dowthwaite said: "Pull it down, it should have been pulled down immediately after the fire, at present, it is a complete 100% eyesore."

Barrow Born said: "We have street food already known as fish and chips."

Jim Raven said: "Rip it down, a total waste of money, spend money on worthy projects."

Adrian said: "Let the owner knock down what's left and develop something interesting on the site."

Danni Gee said: "Get shut and build something beneficial there."

John Eccles said: "Should be made to rebuild it brick by brick to the original plans."

Wendy Joshuaalisha Webb said: "Anything better than that."

Lesley Pattinson said: "Back to a sports bar would be great."