I did say I’d make no apologies for talking about the zoo’s 30th anniversary this summer.

It really is an incredible milestone, especially when you consider how many storms the Oasis has weathered, both literal and metaphorical.

“Once in a hundred years” weather events, from Storm Desmond on, are becoming an annual occurrence.

"Luckily, rebuilding with flood prevention measures should leave our animals high and dry, rather than soaked and soggy.

The zoo hadn’t completed its first decade when the foot and mouth crisis devastated the county’s livestock and tourist economies.

And of course we’ve all been through experiences we could never have imagined during Covid and the multiple lockdowns.

If an army marches on its stomach, a zoo pads, swims and climbs on its visitors, supporters and volunteers, which makes our 30th anniversary all the more important to share.

For our “day of celebrations” at the start of the month, day visitors came in their droves, with many shared stories from across the decades.

Lots of these are captured in our timeline wall, which will remain on display at the zoo all summer.

There’s still plenty of time to add your own; just email pictures to mail@wildlifeoasis.co.uk (take a digital photo of any old photos rather than send in precious physical prints).

After the doors closed there was a party for trustees, staff and volunteers, at which many toasts and thanks were given (and the keepers who’d volunteered for the Sunday early shift regretted that decision!).

But that illustrates what the zoo stands for: zoo routines continue, our commitment to conservation and education remains as strong as ever. The zoo continues to grow and develop, just as our small visitors do.

And our animals too- we recently welcomed the birth of an emperor tamarin baby, a wonderful reward for everyone’s hard work and dedication.

As we select pictures and memories to go into a special time capsule, to be buried for future generations to discover, it’s lovely to be welcoming the small paws and feet who’ll be here to celebrate the zoo’s next 30 years.