STAND-UP comedian Hal Cruttenden is back on tour with a new show.

Hal will be heading to The Forum in Barrow on February 5, 2023, as part of his ‘It’s Best You Hear It From Me’ tour.

The show is billed as: “Hal, and his soon to be ex-wife Dawn, are part of the surge in ‘grey’ divorces. His hair certainly is and hers changes colour so often that she’s not quite sure. But this show isn’t just for those who’ve been through divorce and single people who need cheering up. It’s also for blissfully happy couples who can’t imagine that their marriage will fail, and that smug look will be wiped off their face.

“This show not only makes you laugh but gives hope and a shared experience to the 42 per cent of the population that get divorced in the UK - just don’t tell them that 60 per ent of 2nd marriages end in divorce too."

For tickets visit: or call 01229 820000.