RESIDENTS have said that Beirut is better than Barrow after a councillor compares Portland Walk to downtown Beirut 'on a bad day'.

Bill McEwan said parts of Barrow were 'embarrassing' and 'a mess'.

This comes after Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner Peter McCall secured £405,470 of funding for the town from the Home Office’s Safer Streets Fund to help reduce anti-social behaviour (ASB).

Residents took to social media to share their disappointment with the councillor's statement and the state of Barrow town centre.

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Steve Palmer said: "Downtown Beirut is lovely despite all it’s been through, used to call it the Paris of the Middle East."

Donna Rodgers said: "The whole town needs sorting, upgraded and more clothes shops for everyone, not takeaways or food and even charity shops. This town is nothing like it was when I moved here. It’s a disgrace."

Lina H Tyson said: "Beirut does have its problems but the downtown was done up in the 90s/2000s and is actually quite nice. I wish Barrow town centre was as busy, warm and welcoming as downtown Beirut."

Geoff Waters said: "If people want shops in the town centre they must use them. To get them there the council must make parking easy and cheap."

Dave J Taylor said: "Beirut is actually better."

John Parrott said: "Sadly retail shopping will never be the same, as people shop online many businesses have become unviable, the area needs to be repurposed as it is in some other towns."

Izabella Beaverbrook said: "Money, in itself, cannot 'tackle' anti-social behaviour. It may be used in such a way that acts of vandalism are immediately addressed but this acts only to remove the original vandalism - it is not a long-term solution to prevent the act in the first place."