THE Met Office predicts that large parts of South Cumbria could be underwater by 2040.

It pins the blame on climate change, which is accelerating sea level rise, in its annual look at UK climate and weather for 2021.

The Met Office based the report on a study done by Climate Central, an independent organisation of leading scientists and journalists who research climate change and its impact on the public. 

Climate Central used correct projections to show which areas of the country would be underwater by 2040. 

On the map, nearly all of Walney will be lost to the sea. 

Large parts of the low-lying land around Flookburgh will also go, most of Bardsea and even parts of Ulverston are under threat. Much of Millom, Haverigg, Askam and Kirkby will become part of the Irish sea. 

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However Climate Central wanted to stress that some of the calculations may include 'some error.' 

It says: "These maps should be regarded as screening tools to identify places that may require deeper investigation of risk."

The Mail: The map outlined by Climate CentralThe map outlined by Climate Central

This offers little comfort to Barrow Borough Councillor Helen Wall, whose ward at the Walney South is among the danger zones.

"I read a report many years ago that stated that Walney was safe for 100 years," she said. "At the time I thought@ 'I'm not sure about that.' Now if there is a very high tide, it will cut south Walney nature reserve off for three or four days. It's not supposed to happen, but it's happening.

"Walney is vulnerable to the water as it is. With climate change on top of that, it is very vulnerable."

Sue Sanderson, the Cumbria County Council member for Flookburgh, said: "I know that people in Flookburgh are aware of it. Cumbria County Council already has a good strategy in place for climate change-related issues. I would say that the new unitary authority will be continuing this."

While Bill Wearing, the county council member for Grange, said the promenade will protect the town. He said: "We do not need to use fossil fuels and I hope that things like this report give us the means to start to switch to renewables."