READERS have had their say after the Government gave the green light to build a new offshore wind farm off the Barrow coast.

The turbines will be capable of powering 1.4 million homes - more than five times the number of homes in Cumbria.

Plans for six fixed offshore wind projects with the potential to generate renewable electricity for more than seven million households have been approved.

BP and EnBW secured two sites - one situated off the Northern Welsh Coast and the other located off the coast of Barrow - which both have the potential to host up to 1500 MW of wind capacity.

LA590 said: “Good news. Let's see this start being reflected in the area.”

Caveman2020 said: “Where will these wind turbines be manufactured? Will it be Barrow or somewhere abroad?”

Barrow Lad said: “Bills going up by an enormous amount later this year (Oct?). Well worth it these turbines. Won’t heat your house.”

Walneyidiot said: “Barrow should be booming. Tens of future years worth of contracts in BAE. Now this. Kimberly Clarke, all the other engineering businesses, Barrow should he on the up.”

Sadiesix said: “I wonder if they will reinstate the Orsted/Babcock heli flights from Barrow again instead of Blackpool.”

Leytonorient Forever said: “Windfarms. Hideous monstrosities. Where's the reductions in my energy bills please?”

johnjefkins2 said: “Energy bills aren’t likely to ever come down - but these (and a lot more of them elsewhere too) can stop bills going up in a few years time.

“Meanwhile insulate your house and when you next need to replace your car, get an electric one and a home charger.”

Northern Lass. said: “Barrow should get free electricity for looking at this eyesore. Why not have more solar panels in fields like up Askam.”