RESIDENTS have welcomed a move by Barrow BID which saw the town centre getting a spruce up after complaints about cleanliness.

Barrow Business Improvement District (BID) cleaned 'designated areas of the town centre' after local businesses complained.

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Residents took to social media to welcome the move and to take aim at the emptiness of the town centre.

Anne Walker said: "About time. We may not have many shops but the town should be cleaned."

David Harris said: "At least it will stay clean as there's no need to walk up and down there anymore."

Eileen Brennan said: "The whole town and surrounding areas are an absolute disgrace, in over 70 years of living in Barrow I have never seen it so bad."

Jordan Harris said: "Get more bins on the high street, clean it up and more stuff for young people to do."

Junction36 said: "Should that not just be done anyway?"

Nicola Ann said: "The whole of Dalton Road needs cleaning up."

Matt Blackburn from Grimefighters who cleaned the streets said: "Just the beginning, we are going to be cleaning many areas of the town centre."

Imhertoirritateyou said: "It might be clean in the centre but behind the shops it's definitely not clean and as for daily I rarely see anyone cleaning up I do see them emptying bins watering plants regularly."