In 1992 Barrow Civic and Local History Society planned to remind people that Piel Island was a war memorial.

It had launched an appeal to put a plaque on Roa Island to inform people that the castle was given to the town by the Duke of Buccleuch in 1920 as a memorial to the fallen of World War One.

At the same time the duke sold Barrow Council the eight cottages on Piel and the drying ground behind them for £800.

The concrete plaque would be placed on Roa Island where people stood and looked across at Piel. It would cost £580.

“Very few people in Barrow know that Piel is a war memorial,” said society secretary Alice Leach. “It came as a surprise to a lot of our committee members.

“The plaque will be very smart and striking in black with white lettering, easily noticed and read by locals and tourists.”

Piel Island was the star of the show in June 2008 as a BBC film crew and one of Britain’s best-loved presenters paid a visit.

The island was set to feature in the Countryfile programme, where former Newsround presenter John Craven would delve into the island’s history and traditions.

The crew was shown the way across the sands by Furness naturalist John Murphy.

He said: "I met John Craven with a soundman, cameraman and director down at Snab Point and then walked across the sands filming.

"We looked at the history of the area and the approach to Piel.

"John Craven has been stunned by the views around the area and particularly the contrast between the heavy industry and ship building and the open spaces on the sands."

The team had a good look around Piel, met the island's king and queen, Steve and Sheila Chattaway, and also visited Barrow's Dock Museum.