LEGENDARY bassist Jah Wobble will be playing with his band 'the Invaders of the Heart' in The Forum on September 10.

Jah Wobble is a former member of John Lydon's band Public Image Limited (PiL) after he left The Sex Pistols. 

Born John Wardle, he was given his name by Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious when he was drunk. Sid then went on to give Jah his first bass guitar. 

Jah Wobble featured on the PiL albums Public Image: First Issue, Metal Box and Death Disco.

Since leaving PiL Jah Wobble's band Invaders of the Heart was nominated for a Mercury Music Prize for their debut album, Rising Above Bedlam, and an acclaimed second album Take Me to God. 

Jah Wobble's bass lines are centred around reggae, fusion and punk influences and he is known for his deep bass riffs. 

He has also worked with Primal Scream, Dolores O'Riordan and Sinead O'Connor.