RESCUERS have issued a summer warning after an operation to save two people who were 'minutes' away from serious danger.

Barrow Lifeboat Station, alongside Duddon and Haverigg Inshore Rescues, were called for assistance from the regional HM Coastguard base in Holyhead at 1.25pm on Monday.

The coastguard said two people were in the water in the Duddon Estuary and with the water at chest height, they were being taken upstream by the incoming tide.

High tide was due at 3.55pm with a predicted height of 8.7 metres. The weather at the time of the incident was fine, the sea state calm and the wind was south-easterly, force one.

Barrow Lifeboat Station launched their inshore lifeboat to assist in the rescue of two people stranded in the water in the Duddon Estuary.

With the lifeboat making its way along the west side of Walney Island, news came through that the two people had been rescued by the Haverigg team.

With the casualties safe, the Barrow Lifeboat was stood down by the Coastguard and able to return to the Boathouse where it arrived at 2.10pm.

The lifeboat was then rehoused and made ready for the next launch.

Duddon Inshore Rescue took the opportunity to remind beachgoers of the dangers of the coast warning that as we move into periods of hotter weather people must be careful on the shores.

A spokesperson for the organisation said: "These two were very lucky today - a few minutes later and the outcome could have been a different story.

"With the hot weather incoming, it is tempting to walk out onto the estuary sands and not to notice the incoming tide.

"Please take care and if you see anything to cause concern, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard - it is better to be safe than sorry."

They also took the opportunity to thank the community for their 'continued support'.

Rescuers gave a special mention to Saul Tomlin who, having completed the necessary training, completed his first shout as helm of Barrow's inshore lifeboat.