BARROVIANS have given their thoughts as the sun shines on the town.

Residents have been warned to expect temperatures of up to 27 degrees Celsius as the country faces a heatwave.

Some readers embraced the promise of heat whilst others were left unpleased.

Gwen Fallon said: “I can't stand this heat, yet I can go abroad and can stand the heat there properly because I'm drinking cocktails around the pool lol but seriously it’s the old people and pets I feel sorry for in this weather.”

Bradley Liam Kendall Morrow said: “You'd think no one had ever left the country for a summer holiday.”

Steven Robinson said: “Give over its not even that hot!! Just three normal sunny days.”

Dave Courtney said: “Be all complaining its freezing soon and can't afford to pay Central heating bills.”

Jamie Park said: “It'll snow here tomorrow.”

Gina Fashioni said: “Better than being frozen to death in a caravan at Haggerston!”

Barrow Focus said: “If it was like 45-52c then I’d worry. But it isn’t.”

Sharon Bernadette Thompson said: “Not looking forward to this heat, especially stuck in work for 10 hours, work in a factory with no air conditioning just fans that circulate warm air. Will make sure I’ve got a bottle of water on me at all times as my job involves moving around all day, ooh the joys.”

Lucy Simmons said: “That’s nothing compared to the south theirs is 40. The news said people are at risk of death.”

Christina Cairns said: “I'm sure people know how to look after themselves and when to drink water.”

Tracy Bielby said: “I'm from Barrow, living in Yorkshire 22 years and we've got 41 on Tuesday and 30 today. Now that is hot!!”