THE closure of a popular cocktail bar and coffee shop has been branded 'a shame' by residents.

The Olive Tree and The Olive Tree Coffee Shop in Tudor Square, Dalton, will be closing its doors after eight months of trading.

Bosses behind the bar and coffee shop revealed the news in a statement published online, labelling ‘increasing costs’ as the reason behind the closure.

The Olive Tree first opened to the public in November under Louise Stewart and Kieran Mcdaid, with hopes of revitalising Dalton's night-time economy.

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Since its closure, residents have taken to social media to share their thoughts.

Maybe later said: "Such a shame, people in the community need to support local enterprise more. Sadly this happens all too often."

The Tanning Salon said: "Such a shame after all their hard work and financial investment."

Anthony Perkins said: "The cost of living crisis is biting everybody and everything big style and this Government in power has got a lot of explaining to do to businesses and individuals affected."

Jo Fisher said: "Oh no, this is so sad. So sorry to hear this."

Neil Sansom said: "Remember, we're in it together."

Ghythytgff said: "Well at least they gave it a shot."

BarrowLad said: "Such a shame. Going to see a lot more of this as the UK moves into recession, which it will.

"Everyone getting stung with rising costs, and Bank of England responds by putting up interest rates adding more costs."

Lorna Casson said: "So sorry to hear this."

Ned Gravey said: "The first of many, no doubts."

Stuckinthemiddles said: "I feel very sorry for them, I really do."

The Observer said: "How many takeaways are closing in the Barrow area? It appears that every week another one opens, maybe that's the answer for Dalton, open a business that people want."