TEN volunteers from Coniston Mountain Rescue Team were called out on Friday evening, July 8, to locate a walker that had got lost on a mountain.

On a mostly sunny late afternoon, a man got lost in a cloud up the Old Man of Coniston and called Cumbria Police.

He told the CMRT leader he had passed a waterfall and the reservoir, which he believed to be Levers Water, and was on a ridge.

He was told to stay where he was until CMRT could locate him via the SARLOC System, which placed him at the top of the mountain.

The walker then called CMRT again and told them he had found other walkers who gave him directions to Low Water.

After no further contact, despite instructing the man to contact them when he had reached Low Water, a vehicle was dispatched to find him.

2 hours and 5 minutes after the initial call, he and his dog were located near his car, and he had been unable to call CMRT due to no charge on his mobile.