A flood of visitors swept through Barrow Town Hall in 1995 for a chance to catch sight of some of the town’s oldest treasures.

Items on show in the special one-day exhibition included the banqueting set used for formal town hall occasions and a number of items donated by one of Barrow’s founding fathers, Sir James Ramsden.

Town mayor Flo Proudfoot came up with the idea of putting the treasures on display.

“We decided we should show people all the beautiful things that the town owns,” she said.

“We’ve had a marvellous response and the people who have come have come have really enjoyed themselves.

“Many people hadn’t even been into the council chamber before so it’s proved a real eye-opener for them.”

Catherine Bradley,62, of Albert Street, said: “It’s smashing, really fascinating.

“It’s the first time I’ve been inside the town hall I didn’t realise it was so big.”

Husband James, 69, agreed, saying: “We’ve had a great time. I don’t know why they don’t make it an annual thing.”

The council was planning a similar exhibition to be held over the Christmas period.

Proceeds from the exhibition would go to the mayor’s charity fund.

In 1992 British Gas gave £30,000 for the installation of a new lift for disabled people at Barrow Town Hall.

It would be used to help disabled and elderly people get from street level to the main rooms in the building.

The existing lift was too small for a wheelchair and had steps leading up to it.

The company also donated £9,000 towards promoting the arts in Barrow.

Chris Marchant, Group Director of Construction for the company, said: "British Gas have a strong commitment to providing services for disabled and elderly customers."

The cheque presentation was also attended by David Lane, project manager for the new onshore terminal. Members of the council included Bob McCullough, chief executive; Bernard Beckett, development director and Tom Campbell, operations director.