There was no excuse for not keeping in trim in Barrow in 1988.

In November that year The Mail reported that the borough council had opened its Trim Trail in the town’s public park with the aim of helping local residents to keep fit.

The trail was situated on a measured 1,500 metre jogging track and was made up of eight exercise stations based on the popular European style of courses.

Under the headline ‘Chin up for the keep trim trial’, the Mail stated that the trail could be used by people of all ages and levels of ability, with the levels of exercise intensity being altered to suit individuals.

The exercise points had been designed to offer aerobic exercise for heart and lungs and muscular development.

The whole scheme had been designed and planned by Action Sport Furness and built by the staff of Barrow Employment Training and installed by the playground action team.

Community recreation manager Tony Goodwin said: “It is a joint venture to give the public the opportunity to get fit, have fun and it’s free.”

A model of Barrow’s proposed new bandstand for the town’s park had been built in 1992.

In June that year The Mail reported that the foot-high replica showed the design by craftworker in residence Stuart Bastick, which it was proposed would be placed on the site of the old bandstand at the foot of the cenotaph steps.

The model had been approved by members of Vickers brass band.

"It's different very different," said conductor Bill Maginn.

"It shocks you when you first see it, it's a bit of a surprise.

"It will be an asset to the park."

Mr Maginn said that most of the band members had seen the model and given it the thumbs up.

Photographers from The Mail have regularly visited Barrow Park over the years to capture images of local people enjoying the facilities and recreational space.