BARROW Raiders head coach Paul Crarey has called on his team to stop playing as individuals after his side's 43-18 loss at home to Halifax Panthers on Monday night.

A disappointed Crarey said after the game at the Matt Johnson Prestige Stadium: "We had no composure. We spoke about being at our best before we went out there, kicking the ball into the corners, and we didn't do any of that.

"We didn't deserve any field position because we kicked the ball short, we put the ball up in the air aimlessly, kicked out on the full after they'd scored, and pushed the ball through the middle that led to a try.

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"It's probably not through lack of effort but we've got to learn how to grind - Halifax are a good grinding team, throw a good grinding shape at you, kick the ball into Joe Keyes and kick the ball really well all night.

"Even after half time we spoke about being disciplined, running it round at about 80 per cent, and then we gave two penalties away in the first two sets, and it led to a try.

"Whether it's the TV, that we get a little bit starstruck and wanting to win games by ourselves.

"We played as individuals whereas in the last five weeks, when we played Leigh and Workington, and Widnes, we became a good team, we pushed and played, and went route one a little bit more.

"We made some bad decisions when they were down to 11 men and we were down to 12 men, when they were short off the right side, we played down the middle and set up shape really late, rather than pulling the trigger with the shape we had and getting them on the numbers.

"Really, it's a bad night - you get them, you've got to roll your sleeves up, we're at York on Sunday, which is a real tough ask.

"They're a side in the top six so if we want to be a top-six side we've got to learn quickly and learn that it's not about individuals, it's about a team, and once we get that right, we become a force against the top six teams."