A NEWSAGENTS which has served customers for seven decades is closing its doors for the final time today.

Early News on Liverpool Street, Walney will shut at 12pm today after serving the island for an incredible 70 years.

Caroline and Stuart Benson, who have been owners of the newsagents for just under seven and a half years, decided to shut up shop due to Stuart being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Caroline described the past week as an ‘emotional rollercoaster’ as customers inundated the shop owners with gifts and well-wishes to mark their departure.

“It’s very sad - the end of an era for us really,” the 42-year-old said.

“it’s been an emotional rollercoaster, we’ve had well wishes, cards, flowers, drinks, all sorts of gifts.

“We’ve been blown away.”

Caroline said the pair will miss their loyal customers the most who have become firm friends over the past seven years.

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She said: “I’ll miss the people - not the early starts - just the people.

“Stuart’s health couldn’t take another six to 12 months of trying to find another buyer.

“We decided for his health’s sake to just up sticks and hope everything turns out for the best - health before wealth.

“It will be very emotional. Our member of staff Susan will be here and our last employee is coming back to see the closing of the doors. We may have a bit of a celebration.”

Caroline said the biggest high of the past near decade is the interactions with people at the shop.

She said: “Across seven and a half years it’s been mostly highs during that time.

“Even Covid didn’t stop us, we managed to keep a lot of people sane during Covid.

“We’ll miss the interactions with people the most.

“We’ve had some of the most wonderful customers ever, we’ve had so many fun times.

“We’re like a little family the staff - we’re not employers and employees, we’re a little family, we’re going to stick together once this is done.”