BARROW and Furness MP Simon Fell has written to the CEO of the Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA), Dr Andrea Coscelli, over disparity in retail petrol and diesel prices in the area.

In his letter, Mr Fell stated that at 2pm on June 15, the average price of petrol at Tesco, Morrisons and Asda was 181.6p per litre in Barrow.

By comparison, the price at Barrow’s Shell garage for petrol was 195.9p per litre.

He also stated that it was worth noting that Ulverston’s Shell garage priced petrol lower - 184.9p per litre.

Pip Larkin said: "Government profiteering needs to be stopped period."

Sam Standish said: "It's not the fuel stations responsibility. It's the oil suppliers and government who set the baseline price which is beyond ludicrous."

Peter Garbacz said: "45p in the pound on Fuel goes on tax. Simon and his party have the ability to lower prices if they so wish. The 5p cut in tax was a drop in the ocean, they can and should do more."

Belle Jones said: "Can he do the same with the power companies. Have been offered a fixed renewal , before pressing to select it, jumped by £30."

Marie Sullivan said: "Says the man whose "friends" are ripping us off each and every day."

John Knox said: "Perhaps the chancellor could cut vat and other taxes on petrol?"

Craig Brass said: "The irony of this is that much of this I am guessing is focussed at Shell in Barrow. Had the Competitions and Markets authority not forced Euro Garages to sell the station as a result of the ASDA buyout, this wouldn't be happening as it is the new owners deciding to charge what they like."

Andy Bickle said: "Doesn't the government take 65% in duty. What an ironic statement."

Gordon Long said: "Where's all the money going?"

Leanne Longmire said: "How much do the fuel stations make in profit per litre? How much do the oil companies make? How much do the government take?"