BUSINESS is booming for a chain of vape shops which are expanding into more locations and creating a number of new jobs this summer.

WOW Vape and CBD has seen ‘phenomenal growth’ in the past 18 months after opening stores in Dalton, Millom and Ulverston.

The business was originally set up by Gary Peaker and Steve Smith and was later joined by Steve Kennedy who currently manages all three stores.

After opening their first store in Dalton, the pair launched a shop in Millom during lockdown and later a site in Ulverston.

Two years on, they have outgrown the space in Ulverston and are moving into a bigger premises in King Street to cater to demand.

The trio are also planning on opening a new store in Barrow and also a vape shop in the Lake District later this year.

Manager Steve Kennedy, said: “We decided to do Barrow last because we wanted to establish ourselves in other areas first before opening in Barrow where there is a bit more competition.

“We have a lot of customers who come in from Barrow and thought it was time to open a new store there.

“We’re also looking at moving out of Furness and opening another premises in the Lakes.”

Mr Kennedy said demand has been ‘phenomenal’ over the past year and a half.

He said: “Demand has really grown. We have more and more customers coming in through the doors. The growth really has been phenomenal over the last 18 months.”

Mr Kennedy said he has seen hundreds of customers give up cigarettes for good after converting to vaping.

The bosses are hoping to open their new Ulverston store in August and the Barrow store by the end of summer.

The expansion has also meant up to five more jobs will be created in the coming months at the new stores.