READERS have expressed their solidarity with railway workers who lined up outside Barrow Station as part of nationwide strike action over job cuts and pay.

A picket line formed outside Barrow Station on Tuesday morning on day one of industrial action.

The workers are also striking today and Saturday.

Up to 50,000 workers across Network Rail, 13 train operators and London Underground are set to walk out today in industrial action on a national scale.

On Thursday 23 and Saturday 25 June, about 40,000 rail operators – but not London Underground staff – will strike.

Jennifer Exley said: “100 per cent solidarity with the rail workers!”

Debbie Reed said: “100 per cent support to every one of the rail workers.”

Jeff Pickthall said: “It looks like the government is getting a summer of discontent. It is richly deserved.”

Ian Bevins said: “If they hadn't wasted billions on HS2, a pay rise wouldn't be a problem.”

Paul Griffiths said: “This Tory Govt just seem to lurch from one crisis to another.”

Adam Wass said: “Solidarity with the workers.”

James Burgess said: “We’re with you guys.”

Steve Ridd said: “God bless the strikers.... All the best lads and lasses!”

Maggie Pease said: “We’ve had to stay an extra night on holiday, well chuffed. Full support for these workers.”

Andrew Mcbride said: “I was hoping to get back to Barrow from London today for a funeral, annoying timing but they still have my 100 per cent support.”

Stuart Mcqueen said: “CWU members fully support and stand with the members of the Rail Unions. Lauded and applauded for being key workers during the pandemic, they deserve so much better than attacks on their pay, terms and conditions. Solidarity Comrades.”

However, not everyone was on the side of the strikers.

Garry Waterworth said: “Creating hardship and misery for thousands of other workers, students and general travellers.”

Betty Hayes said: “Mate youse get 65k a year, do your jobs.”