A food bank in Barrow has reported a 42 per cent increase in users compared to this time last year.

Barrow Food Bank has fed 1043 people from 1 April to date this year, compared to 736 in the same period last year.

In response to this, Barrow Borough Council leader Ann Thomson said: "Under the Conservatives the number of children growing up in relative poverty has increased by half a million and there has been a 50 per cent increase in the number of children living in deprivation.

"A 42 per cent increase in the use of food banks in our community tells its own story and we are grateful to the staff and volunteers who maintain what has now become an indispensable service and an indictment of Conservative rule.

"Barrovians are known for being generous people, but the dramatic cut in living standards has impacted upon the foodstuffs that are being donated to food banks."

Ange Mullen said: "Before long there won't be a food bank because no one will be able to afford to donate. What happens then?"

Lee Thompson said: "Well its hardly surprising, and now they're saying about the energy cap could go up by another £1,000 shortly."

Gordan Long said: "NATO would of known setting up base close to Russia could very quickly escalate. The following sanctions on Russia will just harm us. China and India are now stock Pilling grains and fertiliser. This was going to cause massive unprecedented food shortages globally but there was Ukraine which is also big on exportation of grains but now that has come to a halt. So food shortages are now happening right across the globe. USA is now panic buying in bulk. But us silly conspiracy theorists have been prepping for last 18months because we know what's coming."