A POPULAR Walney newsagents have thanked their customers for their messages and gifts following the announcement that they would be closing their doors.

The Liverpool Street business has been open for 70 years but will be closing on June 25.

Stuart and Caroline Benson, owners of Early News, have received numerous gifts and messages from the community of which they served for many years.

They wrote on social media: "Stuart, Susan and I would like to thanks all of our customers who've wished us well this past week. You've spoilt us with kind words, cards, flowers, chocolates and more.

"Thank you also for everybody's patience whilst Newsteam are setting up their rounds.

"It seems they've done a blanket coverage of the area to show how proficient they are, only needing 5 days to have this massive task sewn up nicely. We were unaware this would be procedure but many of you are very happy.

"If you require their services you can carry on as usual or ring them and let them know.

"Similarly, if you decide to no longer take the service provided you can call them and they will simply take you off the round. The number is 01782 959530. Any enquiries you're not sure about please give us a call on 01229 471370.

"As always, thank you, it's been a pleasure."