According to the travel search engine Kayak, searches for hotels in Windermere have gone up nine times in the last month. 

The spike in searches has been partly triggered by the hot weather as people look to visit outside of the cities. 

Windermere is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK. One million visitors use Windermere Lake Cruises alone, making it the most popular tourist attraction in the Lake District and the 16th in the UK overall.

Current surveys show that 15.8 million visitors come to the Lake District each year, with Cumbria Tourism estimating that the local tourism industry is worth more than £2.9billion. 

These visitors invest large amounts of money into the local economy, but also create issues such as lakeshore eroision around Windermere. 

Even before the summer rush, Windermere is suffering from water pollution with conservationist Matt Stainek saying "Windermere is dying" due to sewage and phosphorus run off. 

A new 'adventure tourism experience' at Elterwater Quarry is looking to capitalise on the trade but has faced local opposition to the planning proposal. Residents have said that Cumbria does not have the infrastructure to support the footfall created by such an attraction.