HUNDREDS gather as popular Barrow music festival returns after two years off.

Croft rock celebrated another successful year on Saturday at Crofters, Barrow as hundreds returned to dance the day and night way with friends and family listening to an array of local live bands and musicians.

The popular event is Barrow's longest ever running music festival with two stages packed full of bands and solo artists.

The Mail: PEOPLE: Hundreds gather to enjoy quality time with friends while listening to local performers CREDIT: Les Wakefield

Headlining the main Zaccarini Stage - named in tribute to musician Dean Zaccarini - was local musicians Spirit, Scumbag Blues, The Sun Kings, God Damn Smile and more

The sold out event raised money for the bands chosen charity Furness Community Food kitchen which organiser, Mark Russell said is still yet to be counted but is expected to have raised a lot for the worthy course.

Organiser, Mark who has been running Croft Rock since 2013 after he was bored one bank holiday in May and decided to set up a music event and raise money for charity and said: "Today is going great so far, everything is going according to plan, we can’t fault anything.

The Mail: STAGE: Acts on the main Zaccarini Stage get people up and dancing. CREDIT: Les Wakefield

"There is great sense of atmosphere with friends and families turning up sitting on benches and bringing chairs, great sense of community.

"It’s great to see people back out enjoying themselves after being off for two years, supporting a local event and local musicians and bands."

Previously the event has raised money for St Mary’s Hospice, Barrow Lifeboats and even to community projects in the area.

The Mail: CHARITY: Musicians choose Community kitchen to raise money for CREDIT: Les Wakefield

"We have estimated to raise around £3,000 for the bands chosen charity but this will be halved with the Rotary Club of the Furness Peninsula who have helped out on the door and all there money goes to that voluntarily charity and they’ve been great today.

"It has been a great turnout, the weather stayed nice and everyone had a great time."